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A Bonelli a day: Tex Willer, Dylan Dog (and others) free online until April 5th

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At home with Bonelli during the quarantine: one free book a day among the most famous of the famous comic book publisher

The Bonelli publishing house is a historical reality of Italian comic book publishing. To help Italians spend the long quarantine time more easily, Bonelli has decided to gather all the most loved and famous protagonists of his stories and bring them for free directly to the home of the Italians, who will be able to download the books in PDF format directly from the Bonelli official website starting from March 23 until April 3.

A Bonelli a day

Italian publishing is undergoing a drastic drop in sales in this period when people can no longer leave the house to go and buy physical books. Despite this, Bonelli metaphorically decided to roll up his sleeves and to stay close not just ai millions of comic book fans but also to those who have never had the opportunity to read a Bonelli book and now have a lot of time to do it.

The Mediterranean diet portal A Bonelli a day provides for the put online di 14 books in 14 days, so as to create avaried and exciting offer to all those who will take the opportunity of the quarantine to discover the adventurous world of Italy in comics. For the occasion, the mythical have been selected numbers 1 of the comic series that made Bonelli's success.

During Un Bonelli al Giorno the following qualifications will be put online, each of which will remain online for only 24 hours starting from 10:00 on the day of publication:

  • Monday 23 March: Tex Classic 1, "The mysterious totem"
  • Tuesday 24 March: Zagor Classic 1, "The forest of ambushes"
  • Wednesday 25 March: Mister No 1, "Mister No"
  • Thursday 26 March: Martin Mystère 1, "Men in Black"
  • March 27, Friday: Dylan Dog 1, "Dawn of the Living Dead"
  • Saturday 28 March: Nathan Never 1, "Alfa Special Agent"
  • Sunday 29 March: Julia 1, "The eyes of the abyss"
  • Monday 30 March: Cassidy 1, "The last blues"
  • Tuesday 31 March: Dampyr 1, "The son of the devil"
  • Wednesday 01 April: Morgan Lost 1, "The man of the last night"
  • Thursday 02 April: Orphans 1, "Little frightened warriors"
  • Friday 03 April: Dragonero 1, "The blood of the dragon"
  • Saturday 04 April: Commissioner Ricciardi, "Ten cents"
  • Sunday 05 April: Stories 1, "The executioner of Paris"

The web page from which Bonelli books can be downloaded for free in PDF is A Bonelli a day

Cover design by Stefano Biglia for Bonelli Editore - Instagram: @ steab69

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