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Autumn Fest 2019, Mugnano del Cardinale - Review of Il Trono di Sagre

In a "vicariello" set up like a nativity scene, an initiative by youngsters from Mugnano del Cardinale continues to grow, including dishes that are already iconic, live and local music and we at Il Trono di Sagre!

A nice thing, besides the magnà, that we do thanks to the Throne, is to know new places, and this is how we arrive for the first time in Mugnano Del Cardinale, the occasion is that of the Autumn Fest, which is then an anagram of Mugnano himself!
And this is the first lie of the day.

The Autumn Fest, organized by the very young of Mugnano, is at its 9 ° edition, it is still young but it is growing fast.
In other words, it started out simple, like a local party based on paninazzi and chips, a very classic, in short, and yet it quickly managed to educate itself and to pull out, indeed to make its own, all the culinary traditions of the country.

What's typical in Mugnano? I tell you that I ate a lot and 2-3 I bring them in, literally because in the end I only have time to say goodbye holding my breath, to give the idea of ​​a line that by now is gone, before losing every semblance of dignity and giving up belly, buttons and belts.
E 'Anna, that Homer would define "from the eyes of light", to give us the right smattering.
The climate is always the very nice one of the siege of Stalingrad, the poor fellow organizers give up their positions in the trenches to explain how everything works and in the meantime the Bickers break their banks.
He does not have time to list the 400 dishes from the menu that is called up to the order: "Anna, Von Paulus has crossed the stalls of pasta and beans and heads threateningly towards the roast chestnuts, moreover we need more pork rind!".
Anna is forced to leave us, but gives us advice, greetings and tickets ("One takes the ticket, the other queues! One takes the ticket, the other queues!") And returns to the front where to make up for the lack of the harrowing wailing of the Stuka in dive they obviate the great number of joyful infants.

Removed my senseless references to the eastern front, the Autumn Fest is positioned in a foreshortening of the village, in a long alleyway, which perfectly decorated with lights, hanging clothes, foliage, small kitchens (which are really small kitchens!) and tables perfectly gives the idea of ​​a successful crib.
In which we will tend to devour everything.

The gifts to us!

Let's start with the shortest row, that of the Pizza Raurinio, an inevitable typicality of the Mugnano culture, made with white cornmeal (increasingly difficult to find) and a fair amount of nzogna!

Soon after (so to speak) Typical local sausage, which I was dreaming of since I read the 20 preview menu days ago, on a double bed of polenta and sauce.
A bomb! Very good!
Polenta is spectacular, said by a non-lover of the same, it perfectly absorbs the fats and sauces of the sausage both by softening them and making the bite uniform.
It was truly a surprise.

No time to enjoy it, every time a row collapses we slip into the cracks, with a move that is accustomed I get Soffritto and Pasta, fagioli e cotica in one go.
Here I don't know where to start, on pasta I recommend giving us pecorino, but be careful, there's the trick!
Pasta is served in a Leonardian dish.
The Italian genius of Vinci created, without the knowledge of many, a dish with a double bottom! In fact, you will realize that the dish, which starts from a modest 300 / 400 gr of pasta, hides other 200 gr.
You think you have finished, rearrange the whole thing a little and you realize that there is another whole portion.
In short: the portion is really abundant.

And the sauté? The sauté is a gem.
The comparison with sausage does not win but only because I fell in love with sausage (yes, it is wanted) but has an authentic and traditional taste.
Cut into large pieces, again very abundant, served with croutons, just the right flavor, sometimes soft, sometimes calloused, a pan-fried sauté. Great.
Here we were now verging on the Ko (also because we had watered everything with local wine) but obviously we didn't miss the hung cheese.

Just to stay light we take it with bacon fettona.
This is not the finest cut of the Conad, my boys, it is a fettona from the Old of the Alp, cut with an ax.
Grassy, ​​buttery, practically impossible to chop off with your teeth but who cares, it's typical, local, sweet, it's good!
After this we are really finished, there is no room even for a Vigorsol, with our handkerchief we greet Anna and head home, once again we have exaggerated.
But that sausage? Mado.

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