The best pizzerias in Naples

The best pizzerias in Naples

A selection of the best, as well as famous, pizzerias in Naples to choose your favorite!

Impossible to resist pizza, but only in the best pizzerias in Naples you can taste those prepared according to tradition.

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In fact, even if the whole world knows the famous Neapolitan pizza, how to decide who prepares the best? Pizza in Naples is not just a tradition, but a real institution, protected by a specially created brand, "True Neapolitan Pizza", created by the Verace Pizza Neapolitan Association (AVPN) which protects, in Italy and in the world, the "true Neapolitan pizza". In addition, the Neapolitan pizza already owns the quality mark "Traditional Specialty Guaranteed" (STG), and soon will also have a DOC brand recognized by the European Union.

All this attention, combined with an extraordinary amount of pizzerias open throughout the Neapolitan territory, makes it extremely difficult to work selection.


50 Kalo

50 kalò di Ciro Salvo has been listed as pizzeria of excellence both from the Gambero Rosso and the Michelin Guide, in both cases with the highest score. Located almost on the waterfront, it is hard not to find crowds waiting to enter. Light and soft pasta, spectacular ingredients. Excellent also the fried pizza and the antipasto mountain. The prices are high but so is the quality so the price / quality ratio is good. Possibility to eat gluten-free pizza.

The pizza of 50 Kalo pizzeria

medium 081.19204667 Piazza Sannazzaro, 201 / B



The "gourmet" pizzeria Spicchi d'autore, located at Vomero, makes the quality of the ingredients its strong point. Starting from the fritti typical of the eighteenth-century tradition of Naples such as tagliolini alla finanziera or egg to monachina.
The peculiarity of this pizzeria concerns the freedom of choice of pizzas. As the name of the place suggests in addition to "whole" pizzas, you can also order the individual "segments" of different tastes, to form an entire pizza. An original way to savor different varieties.
For the pizzas you are spoiled for choice but you really notice the search for the ingredient and the optimal combination. Spicchi d'autore also ennoble the "wurstel and potato" pizza by offering a black pig frankfurter.
To close the meal the sweets of the famous Sal Di Riso and to drink the beers of Angelo Poretti.

Pizzeria Spicchi author

economic 081 556 0892 Via Gino Doria, 81 / 83


Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

For many Neapolitans "Pizza" is equivalent to saying "From Michele ", historical pizzeria of the city also appeared in the film with Julia Roberts "Eat, pray, love". From Michele there is not a vast choice: o Margherita o Marinara, as tradition dictates, with a recipe is strictly classic, and taste and lightness are practically unsurpassed. The row here is always very long, sometimes it will be necessary to wait even more than an hour to eat on huge planks together with many other people, in the name of Neapolitan conviviality. Once your pizza has been consumed, there will not be time to exchange opinions, with a good chance you will be "kindly" invited to free up the place. But the appetite will be more than satisfied.

The pizza of the ancient pizzeria da Michele

cheap 081 553 9204 Via Cesare Sersale, 1



Sorbillo is one of the historic pizzerias of via dei Tribunali that churns pizzas from the distant 1935 and, in the best tradition, there is always a crowd to wait outside the famous restaurant. The founder of various clubs that have opened in Naples, such as Zia Esterina or the Sorbillo pizzeria on the Lungomare, maintains the traditional architecture of the pizzeria and the kindness of the staff. Very good pizza that transpires from the plate with very selected ingredients that will also satisfy the celiacs, there is also a gluten-free version. Also in this case the pizza is worth the long wait.

The pizza of the Sorbillo pizzeria in Naples

economic 081 446643 Via dei Tribunali, 32


Stay at Materdei

Starita is one of the most famous pizzerias in Naples, located in Materdei a few steps from the Metro Line 1, also appeared in a famous film with Sophia Loren. Very well known both for frying, but especially for the excellent pizzas. On the menu there are pizzas with an original taste like the flowers of pumpkin and walnuts, or traditional, with a quality is always excellent. Very famous angels, rolled and fried pizza dough, exquisite both with sliced ​​tomatoes and with nutella as sweet, but also the montanarine deserve. Possibility of gluten-free pizza.

Starita's pizza

economic 081 557 3682 Via Materdei, 27 / 28


The news

La Pizzaria La Notizia is one of the most famous and gourmet restaurants in Naples, as well as reported by both Michelin guide both from the Gambero Rosso. The quality of the ingredients, the refinement of the combinations, the lightness of the pasta, make Enzo Coccia's pizza one of the must-eat in Naples. It also has a local "son", o'sfizio d'a Notizia, specializing in fried food and pizzas. Compared to other pizzerias is slightly more expensive but the goodness of the pizza is legendary.

Pizzeria La Notizia in Naples

medium 081 714 2155 Via Michelangelo from Caravaggio 53A


Ciro Oliva. From Concettina to the three saints

"The comparison and the search for me are everything" is the motto of the young pizza maker - owner of the pizzeria "Oliva da Concettina ai Tre Santi" and this already suggests the amount of study and work that lies behind each of the pizzas of this place .
This pizzeria is located in the heart of Sanità and the place where it stands was an old Neapolitan "bass" where the great-grandmother of Ciro, Concettina Flessigno Oliva, churned fried pizzas throughout the Rione Sanità.
In this pizzeria you can taste gourmet delicacies that blend tradition and innovation like the San Gennaro Foundation, with crumbs of the "nzogna and pepe" taralli, and pizza with the Genovese.
According to users the goodness of pizzas and the kindness of the staff repay the waiting abundantly. Also famous for the fried appetizers like the omelettes, the montanarine and the fried pizzas.

Pizza by Ciro Oliva in Naples

economic 081290037 Via Arena della Sanità, 7



Another of the ancient pizzerias of via dei Tribunali, open since 1936. It rose to the headlines for the goodness of its fry, much appreciated by the patrons as well as the quality of traditional pizzas. It is not to be expected a gourmet pizzeria but a pizza made as tradition commands, with good ingredients and considerable dimensions. Even here you can find a little 'crowd but the wait will be on average shorter than the other pizzerias of Via Tribunali.

The pizza of Di Matteo's pizzeria in Naples

economic 081 455262 Street of the courts, 94


Pellone brothers in Fuorigrotta

In the pizzeria Da Raffaele F.lli Pellone in Fuorigrotta, adjacent to the Stadio San Paolo, pizza is a perfect marriage between tradition and innovation. Yes offers, in fact, a wide range of pizza tastes with normal prices; but the real specialty here is the Pizza Doc prepared with the best buffalo mozzarella that can not be accompanied by the classic potato cross, as good as those who prepared the grandmothers!

The pizza of the Pellone pizzeria in Naples

economic 081 593 4602 Via Giacomo Leopardi, 239


Antica Pizzeria Costa

In the historic center, in the immediate vicinity of Porta Capuana, the Pizzeria Vincenzo Costa, one of the cornerstones of the area, was born in the 1930. Once known as "Pizzeria Maradona", the pizzeria is of high quality. Exquisite pizza of any taste it is, very famous for the "star" (Stuffed cornice with 5 different flavors) and the fried pizza as well as for the classic "Take, pay and run" pizza portfolio. Wide variety and sympathy at will. Very spartan, maybe a little 'rough but definitely typical. Even here you can often find crowds but the wait should not be too long.

The pizza of the pizzeria Costa

economic 081 1918 5293 Via Capuana, 1

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