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White Chronicle concerning Naples and its province to stay informed about interesting and light news.

The Campania region is rewarded again this year by the Michelin Guide 2020, which awards 6 new stars.

New weather alert in Naples from Friday 15 to Saturday 16 November 2019. Rain and strong winds expected

Here is the date and place where the demonstration will be held in the square in Naples against the toll in the Tangenziale!

Due to the weather alert in Naples for Wednesday 6 November 2019, schools, parks and cemeteries will be closed.

Petrol Strike in Naples, closed on roads and highways from Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 November 2019!

The Eav Vesuvio De Meis station of Ponticelli redeveloped by an exciting intervention of street art

Interventions on the water network in the eastern part of Naples during the 28 and 29 October 2019 days, with possible consequent ...

Soon the new opening of KFC fast food in the province of Caserta at the Centro Commerciale Campania in Marcianise, the king of chicken ...

Interesting news for mobility in Naples: the Mayor announces the arrival of new 1 underground trains in program ...