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Coronavirus, ANM in Naples limits access on board buses

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There are restrictions on the access of ANM Napoli buses to counter the Coronavirus emergency.

The ANM company from Naples has published a new notice to communicate a variation of its service to all passengers.

Specifically we talk about provisions given to bus drivers. In fact, in a post yesterday 22 March 2020 on the company's Facebook page, it warns that the drivers will no longer make the ascent stops if the number of people already on board is greater than 20% of capacity.

This provision is always taken in the context of the severe measures that follow a counteracting Coronavirus infection.

By following this new arrangement, you succeed in ensure the right distance between people on board the means of transport.

Reduced metro and bus timetables

Still in the context of traffic in Naples, we remind you that the metro line 1 of funiculars and buses make early closings from the middle of March and that too Cumana, Circumvesuviana and MetroCampania NordEst have shorter hours.

In any case, remember that you have to stay indoors and that should be go out only for the essential reasons provided by the decrees and in the same way use the bus and subways only if strictly indispensable.

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