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Coronavirus in Campania, bans extended until April 14

Vincenzo De Luca

Campania has started the extension until 14 April 2020 of the order that imposes measures to be taken to contain the Coronavirus.

Il President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca signed the ordinance that imposes one extension of the prohibitions adopted by the government in an emergency Coronavirus up to 14 April 2020.

The ordinance of March 13, 2020 wanted by the Italian government, in fact it provided that lobligation to stay in their homes was respected until March 25, 2020.

Given the current critical conditions facing the entire national territory, De Luca has decided to extend in Campania the values ​​of the measures to be taken.

The extension

They have been currently extended until April 14, 2020, along the whole territory of the Campania region, the prohibitions provided for the containment of the covid-19.

In particular each individual movement and temporary is admitted only if for necessity work, to carry out activities that are permitted or for health reasons.

In such movements it is possible the presence of a accompanist only and exclusively if you have a need for health.


Those who do not respect the obligations of the provision will come criminally punished and will be subjected to one fine or the possible arrest up to three months in prison.

Le transgressions must be reported to ASL prevention department and you will be under obligation for 14 days home stay and to remain reachable for surveillance activities.

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