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Coronavirus, decree with higher fines and clarifications on extensions until July 31st

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The CDM approves a decree with new sanctions and measures to try to avoid the contagion and spread of Coronavirus.

Approved by Government un new decree which provides further sanctions for those who do not respect and violate anti-diffusion and contagion rules of Coronavirus.

The decree

Il Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has specified some important points foreseen by the new decree, including high fines ranging from € 400 to € 3000 for all those who do not comply with the rules in this emergency situation.

The prison from 1 to 5 years for those in quarantine, since positive to Coronavirus, is violates the rules intentionally leaving home.

It has also been specified that the timeline that has currently been scheduled for the end of this emergency is the 31 July, but this does not mean that the Italians will be forced to stay at home until that date.

Every new measure it will be decided month by month, evaluating the situation on the basis of the contagion data.


Listed below all measures planned to try to contain the spread of Coronavirus:

  • Provided for the limitations of movement of persons and the possibility of leaving your home, residence or leaving and entering the national territory. The movements will be authorized only for reasons of absolute necessity, health or other valid reasons.
  • Closed parks, villas, play areas, public spaces, urban roads.
  • Stop at entrances or removals in provincial, regional or municipal territories.
  • There will be a quarantine for those who contact the infected and an absolute ban on leaving their home for anyone who is positive for the virus.
  • Stop religious and civil ceremonies and church entry restrictions.
  • Prohibition or limitation of public meetings or gatherings
  • Stop at events, meetings, sports, religious activities etc.
  • Closed theaters, cinemas, discos, cultural, recreational and social centers, games and betting rooms.
  • Stop conferences and congresses, only video conferences possible.
  • Prohibition or limitation of outdoor sports and leisure activities and possible reduction or suspension of public transport.
  • Suspended or limited sporting events and competitions and temporary closure of swimming pools, gyms, sports centers etc.
  • Closure or suspension of schools and universities, masters, professional courses.
  • Ban on educational trips and twinnings.
  • Physical presence in public offices is limited, except for essential services, favoring smart working if possible.
  • Closed places of culture and museums.
  • Suspension or limitation of competitions unless they are remote.
  • Closure or limitation for shops, except those that supply food and basic necessities.
  • Closure or limitation of bars and restaurants.
  • Specific prohibitions or limitations for those accompanying someone to the emergency room.
  • Stop or limitation of business or professional activities to the exclusion of public necessity services.
  • Stop to markets and fairs, with the exception of food.
  • Restricting access of relatives in hospitals, healthcare and elderly care homes, hospices and prisons.
  • Obligation to communicate to the national health service who comes or has stayed in areas with epidemiological risk, which are indicated by WHO or Minister of Health.
  • Yes to agile work, also in derogation from the current disciplines.
  • Make sure to inform about the measures to prevent and spread the virus.
  • Make sure that all permitted activities are carried out in compliance with the anti-contagion rules and protocols.
  • The prefect may authorize exceptions to the various limitations.
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