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Coronavirus, shopping in Herculaneum and Angri in alphabetical order

Coronavirus expenditure

Coronavirus emergency: shopping in Herculaneum and Angri is done alphabetically and once a week!

To cope with the health emergency and to contain and limit the infection from Coronavirus ad Herculaneum, in the province of Naples e Angri, in the province of Salerno, the shopping in alphabetical order and only once a week.

To establish it were two ordinances issued by the mayors of the two municipalities that have decided to take this initiative to avoid gatherings outside supermarkets.

Herculaneum, Shopping in alphabetical order

To do the shopping, an alphabetical order will be carried out which will respect the initial of the surname of the breadwinner, established by an order issued by the mayor of Herculaneum, Ciro Buonajuto.

The provision provides that access to all businesses, except pharmacies and parapharmacies, must be done once a week for each family, respecting the letter indicated.

Alphabetical list

Starting today March 24 2020 access to shops must take place with a single weekly purchase respecting the alphabetical shift:

  • Monday from the letter A to B
  • Tuesday letter C
  • Wednesday from the letter D to F
  • Thursday from the letter G to M
  • Friday from the letter N to S
  • Saturday from the letter T to Z

In the event that the Head of the family is unable to go in person, it is not allowed to use more than one letter present within the same family.

Traders will not have to perform any checks on the letter, as this will be carried out by the police.

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