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Coronavirus in Naples: free accommodation for doctors and other measures of the Municipality

De Magistris

Coronavirus emergency in Naples: free board and lodging for doctors and nurses and other measures of the Municipality!

For all doctors and nurses who will arrive in Naples to support the health system during the Coronavirus emergency, the Municipality of Naples offers room and board completely free, measures announced by the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, through his facebook page.

Among these are also those addressed to homeless people with reception services through the arrangement of tents to ensure rfood historium and health care, and identification of an indoor place in which to guarantee nights and any quarantines.

Municipality measures for the Coronavirus Emergency

Instead, employees will continue to work in smart working, except for those tasks that cannot be performed from home.

For all employees who have worked on the street or in the office, De Magistris offers a sort of prize, a sort of thirteenth end of emergency.

And then again the launch of "accelerated procedures" for the recruitment of workers in the urban hygiene sector, free hospitality in the accommodation facilities of the city at women victims of violence in the home and family environment, promoting web meetings with psychologists to support the most fragile citizens but also to organize information formats for healthy eating and to carry out physical activity at home.

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