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Coronavirus in Naples, suppressed taxes and duties for productive activities

The Municipality of Naples has decided to eliminate all taxes and fees for productive and commercial activities in 2020.

Following a meeting of the City Council, which obviously took place via Skype, the mayor of Naples Luigi De magistris said that the Municipality has decided to abolish all taxes and fees for economic, commercial and productive activities for the year 2020.

As we read in his post published on the Facebook page, all these decisions will be transformed and specified in some measures that will be issued in the next few days.

The Metropolitan City of Naples also provides for the establishment of a fund to support these economic activities.

This Neapolitan circular economy fund, created with public and private resources, wants also support those who remain without income to face all the needs of daily life.

Other decisions made during the meeting include those that concern 'shomelessness, smart working, the templates to be received, an worker premium and the free board and lodging for doctors and nurses who come to Naples to help our health service.

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