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Coronavirus, use of drones to monitor citizens' movements


The official authorization for the use of drones to monitor the movements of the population in full Coronavirus emergency takes place.

The national civil aviation authority (ENAC), has authorized the use of drones to try to monitor all movements made by citizens concerning the national territory.

This choice was made consciously to try to cope with the emergency Coronavirus and try to contain the spread of the contagion of this disease.

The drones

It has been established that until April 3 2020 law enforcement agencies will be able to use drones to have easier control of the movements made by the population.

ENAC Furthermore, it adds that controls can also be carried out in urban areas with a low population that can be exposed to the risk of drone impact, without there being the need to issue special authorizations.

Even in the areas that are located near civil airports, identified as "red areas", the vehicles can be flown one by one maximum altitude of 15 meters.

In this case, the owner must first provide one communication to the control tower of the airport.


Currently the Italian Government has established that all citizens must comply with some important rules, including that of do not abandon your homes if not for absolute necessity such as for shopping, going to the pharmacy or for health reasons.

Unfortunately, however, there are still many people who don't respect these simple rules and that put the entire population at risk.

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