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White Chronicle concerning Naples and its province to stay informed about interesting and light news.

In Naples the plastic-eating machines arrive: a fantastic initiative to properly dispose of the plastic with money in ca ...

Suspended visits to Underground Naples, the Judicial Officer seizes the assets of the company.

The Monopoly SSC Napoli is reality: the game will be presented in December with special guests and fans

Here is the new Piazza Garibaldi in Naples, inaugurated with many trees, underground parking and new spaces of culture, leisure and ...

Starting from February 2020 on Rai 1 will broadcast the new Amica Geniale series: the new story, History of the new co ...

New weather alert in Naples for Friday 22 November 2019. Rain and strong winds expected.

The Campania region is rewarded again this year by the Michelin Guide 2020, which awards 6 new stars.

Here is the date and place where the demonstration will be held in the square in Naples against the toll in the Tangenziale!

Due to the weather alert in Naples for Wednesday 6 November 2019, schools, parks and cemeteries will be closed.