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White Chronicle concerning Naples and its province to stay informed about interesting and light news.

Discount on the Cumana and Circumflegrea ticket for those who use the new Bacoli plastic-eating machines.

Finally Piazza del Gesù in Naples and the surrounding streets are transformed into a Pedestrian Area in August!

The first Osteria dedicated to Roman cuisine and, above all, carbonara opens in Campania: Carbona 'arrives!

To support tourism in Campania and in the south in general, 12 more Trenitalia arrows are provided to our region!

The new advertising campaign for the summer of Dolce and Gabbana is set in Naples with the actor Michele Morrone, s ...

Finally The Space cinema reopens also in Naples with offers and new anti-Covid rules to be respected!

Towards the total removal of architectural barriers on the beaches of Campania: the law to facilitate access ...

In Naples the Water Museum will open under the Basilica of Pietrasanta with paths, light games, melodies and streams in the ...

In Campania, the balances for the summer 2020 start earlier to face the consequences of the Coronavirus emergency.