Theatrical performances, exhibitions in museums, guided tours and all the places of interest in Naples to know what our artistic and cultural heritage offers.

The show "The horses of Monsignor Perelli", by and with Peppe Barra, is scheduled to take place at the Augusteo Theater in Naples.

100 iron wolves made by Chinese artist Liu Ruowang will arrive in Piazza Municipio in November

Between October and November The Great Magic of Eduardo De Filippo returns to Naples after 70 years from the first reply

Soon in the heart of the historic center of Naples there will be the first 2019 Treasure Hunt, dedicated completely to a public of ad ...

Caravaggio returns to Naples with Tableaux Vivants 2019: from October to December the great masterpieces come to life

Venice in Naples - Cinema Esteso is a film festival that will take place in October and will celebrate the Cin Festival ...

Vinyl Maniacs 2019 brings to Naples over 40 exhibitors: in November appointment with quality music

In October, Naples becomes more international than ever with the events of the Language Festival

In Naples at the Royal Palace there is a multimedia exhibition dedicated to Bud Spencer, including videos, props, life anecdotes ...