Art exhibitions, appointments and artistic initiatives in museums, ancient buildings and churches in Naples to discover the cultural richness of the city.

100 iron wolves made by Chinese artist Liu Ruowang will arrive in Piazza Municipio in November

Caravaggio returns to Naples with Tableaux Vivants 2019: from October to December the great masterpieces come to life

Venice in Naples - Cinema Esteso is a film festival that will take place in October and will celebrate the Cin Festival ...

The fantastic appointment with Artecinema 2019 in Naples is renewed: free documentaries and short films for 24esi are scheduled ...

The Royal Palace of Caserta adheres to the 2019 Family Day: free entrance to the Palace Apartments and to the ...

In October, for the 2019 Contemporary Day, Naples will open free Museums and Galleries of Contemporary Art

The Chiostro di Santa Chiara in October will open to the public on the occasion of Family Day at the Museum

Back to the 2019 back to Bagnoli, an important event between music and graffiti for three days of street art

At the Palazzo Zevallos in Naples the beautiful Lamentation over the Dead Christ by the great artist Sandro Botticelli comes on display!