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All theatrical performances in Naples with performances in the most important theaters in the city.

The show "The horses of Monsignor Perelli", by and with Peppe Barra, is scheduled to take place at the Augusteo Theater in Naples.

Between October and November The Great Magic of Eduardo De Filippo returns to Naples after 70 years from the first reply

Caravaggio returns to Naples with Tableaux Vivants 2019: from October to December the great masterpieces come to life

In Naples at the Bourbon Gallery the show Noi Vivi will be staged to remember the Four Days of Naples experienced ...

The popular review Il Teatro cerca Casa 2019 is back on the scene in Naples, with theatrical performances organized in private salons ...

The San Carlo in Naples will be the splendid setting for Verdi's Traviata in October

Curiosities on the entertaining Dinosaurs show Live at the Troisi Theater in Naples! Let's find out what makes it special!

The program Dinosaurs Vivi is scheduled at the Troisi Theater in Naples: a fantastic journey through time between comedy and prehistory!

Ten tales of great classical authors for children in the 2019 Autumn Tales program at the Botanical Garden of Naples ...