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Summer in Naples

Great concert by the Roman singer-songwriter Ultimo at the San Paolo Stadium in Naples: in support of Unicef.

The Tiziano Ferro concert, the TZN 2020, at the San Paolo stadium in Naples: a beautiful evening of excellent music in a setting of ...

The largest open-air pizzeria in the world, Napoli Pizza Village 2019, returns to the waterfront with 44 pizzerias, championship ...

Concerts, Bufala Fest, festivals and more with free events in Naples over the weekend from 6 to 8 September 2019.

New events over the weekend in Naples ranging from 6 to September 8 2019 with numerous cultural events, cinema at the ...

Fairy tales, dinosaurs and puppets among the events for children in Naples during the weekend from the 6 to the 8 September 2019.

At Napoli Pizza Village great free concerts on the Lungomare with Edoardo Bennato and the RTL 102,5 artists

Leonardo da Vinci on show in Naples: in the Vincenziano Complex the life, works and machines of the Tuscan genius.

Many exciting and interesting events in Naples in this new weekend from August 31 to 1 September 2019!