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Summer in Naples

In Campania finally from 25 May the beaches and free beaches open to the public: here are all the rules to follow!

The beautiful Resima beach in Scario reopens, a place inaccessible for many years and which has been made safe.

Campania is in third place in the Italian ranking of the Blue Flags 2020: here are the most beautiful beaches!

Here are the rules for going to the beach safely with the right distance between umbrellas and other obligations!

In concert at the Casa della Musica in Naples the singer Achille Lauro, who brings on stage a glamorous live full of surprises.

Great concert by the Roman singer-songwriter Ultimo at the San Paolo Stadium in Naples: in support of Unicef.

The Tiziano Ferro concert, the TZN 2020, at the San Paolo stadium in Naples: a beautiful evening of excellent music in a setting of ...

The largest open-air pizzeria in the world, Napoli Pizza Village 2019, returns to the waterfront with 44 pizzerias, championship ...

Concerts, Bufala Fest, festivals and more with free events in Naples over the weekend from 6 to 8 September 2019.