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Bonfire of Sant'Antonio 2019 in Naples and Campania with events, music and shows

Bonfire of Sant'Antonio Abate

The traditional bonfires of Sant'Antonio 2019 in Naples and Campania with the lighting of the "cippi", lots of music, events and fashion shows.

Every year a Naples, and throughout the Campania, dozens of lights come on bonfire for Sant'Antonio in the night of ! to pay homage to the Saint who, according to tradition, frees the population from evils, negativity, suffering and pain. The events this year start on the evening of the 17 January, but they often take place too until January 22 between music, shows and tastings.

The famous cippi which light up in the night recall the feats of St. Anthony which, to ward off suffering and disease, he stole the fire from the Devil.

Evenings are accompanied by so much music, often popular, because, traditionally, it drives away evil spirits.

here are the best events in Naples and Campania.


Borgo di Sant'Antonio, Forcella and Sanità


In the so-called "Buvero 'e Sant'Antonio", the Borgo di Sant'Antonio, which takes its name from the church, takes place every year the great bonfire in honor of the Saint, an event to send misfortunes, misfortunes and illnesses. Also in the Forcella and Sanità neighborhoods, different bonfires are lit to respect the tradition.

When: night between the 16 and 17 January 2019

Where: Borgo di Sant'Antonio, Forcella and Sanità


The various events for the Feast of Saint Anthony Abbot take place from 19 to 22 January, but just the 19 January is scheduled the tammurriata with the bonfire and the presence of many important artists, such as Marcello Colasurdo. During the evening you can also eat sausage and broccoli dishes accompanied by good wine.
The complete program is in the Facebook page of the Festa di Sant'Antonio Abate.

When: from 19 to 22 January 2019

Where: Cicciano

Facebook night of bonfires


In Terzigno, 'fuoc o'e Sant'Antuon takes place on Sunday 13 January and is a charity event for Africa with folk songs. By purchasing the dishes prepared for the evening and drinks, you can help finance some missions on the African continent.

When: 13 January 2019

Where: Terzigno

Facebook event

Sant'Antonio Abate

The Fiera di Sant'Antonio Abate is one of the most famous in the region and also includes a delicious pork festival that takes place every evening. The program includes many events and music and is available in our dedicated article.

When: from 11 to 20 January 2019

Where: Sant'Antonio Abate

Palma Campania

The Association 'O Pizzone organizes the Focarone di Sant'Antuono accompanying it with many good dishes of pasta and beans with pork rind, sandwiches with sausage and wine. Do not miss folk music with 'A paranza do' Tramuntan.

When: 17 January 2019

Where: kindergarten in via Macello, Palma Campania


In the Church of San Vito there will be mass at 19.00 and, during the evening, the blessing of the fire with many tastings of polenta with sausage and broccoli. The dishes are prepared by the members of the San Vito Committee and the evening will be full of fun and conviviality.

When: 17 January 2019

Where: church of San Vito, Marigliano

Facebook page



The 17 January opens the famous Savianese Carnival with the festivities for Sant'Antonio. In fact, in the evening the historical parade will start followed by the tradition Fucarone 'e Sant'Antuono.

When: 17 January 2019

Where: via degli Orti and Rione Sirico, Saviano

Facebook page



In Nusco there is the famous Night of the Bonfires which, in reality, will last for three evenings. Between music, shows and excellent local food, you can watch the bonfire lighting

When: from 18 to 20 January 2019

Where: Nusco

Facebook page


Macerata Campania


The Festa per Sant'Antonio takes place from 11 to 17 January and includes parades, traditional games, the soap pole, the blessing of the fire, a raffle and the tasting of many fantastic dishes.

When: from 11 to 17 January 2019

Where: Macerata Campania

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