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Festival Laugh 2019 at the Maschio Angioino in Naples between cabaret and comedy

At the Maschio Angioino in Naples part Ridere 2019, the festival of comic theater, cabaret and music.

From the 9 25 August 2019 al Maschio Angioino the 29 edition of Laugh, Festival of comic theater, music and cabaret.

Many and varied artists invited by Teatro Totò to this 2019 edition. there will be, for example, Ciro Ceruti, Natale Galletta, Massimiliano Gallo, Francesca Marini, Emilio Massa ...

The artistic direction is by Gaetano Liguori.

The tutelary deity of the event, and it could not be otherwise, is nothing less than Prince De Curtis, an unreachable and unavoidable model for those who want to make people laugh under Vesuvius and beyond.

The Laughing Program

August 9 2019

Cino Ceruti

The perfect storm

10 August

Edda Cioffi

Once upon a time the Festival

11 August

Christmas Galletta

12 August

Massimiliano Gallo

All because of the moon

13 and 14 August

Francesca Marini

The mind returns ... Mina tribute

15 August

Emilio massa

The Sibyl's grimace

16 August

Gigi De Luca

The imaginary cuckold

17 August

Rosalia Porcaro


18 August

Lino D'Angiò Show

20 August

Salvatore Gisonna Show

21 August

Simone Schettino

The best of…

22 August

Totò Comic Show

Ugly dirty and bad

23 August

Ciro Esposito, Ivan Boragine, Salvatore Catanese

Sotto lo stesso tetto

24 and 25 August

Diego Sanchez

All women with me ...
Tribute to Massimo Ranieri

Information on Laughing at the Maschio Angioino

Where: at the Maschio Angioino

When: from 9 to 25 August 2019 (no 19 show in August)

Timetable: from 21,30

Prices: from 10 to 15 euro

For info see the Facebook page of the event or site of the Totò Theater | Box Office Totò Theater - Tel. 081 5647525 hours 10.00 / 13.00 | Maschio Angioino box office - Tel. 351.1736873 hours 17.30 / 19.30

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