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House of lovers in Pompeii: extraordinary opening after 40 years

House of Lovers Pompeii

After 40 years, the Casa Degli Amanti reopens to the public for the first time in Pompeii: an unmissable appointment on the archaeological site!

After more than 40 years it reopens, a Pompeii, for the first time to the public House of Lovers, wonder of the Neapolitan archaeological site and the only domus of which the second floor has been preserved almost completely.

The news was announced by the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism Dario Franceschini which is today in Pompeii for the conclusion of the restoration works.

The House of Lovers

The House of Lovers in Pompeii it was brought to light thanks to the works carried out in 1933 but was later seriously damaged by the earthquake of Irpinia in 1980.

Today, after about 40 years, the beautiful Domus reopens to the public, and together with it will also be reopened The Ship House Europe, whose name derives from a graffiti engraved on one of its walls, and The House of the Orchard, with its floral cubicles it represents one of the most important examples of garden painting found in the city buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

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