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Dinosaurs Live at the Troisi Theater in Naples: hilarious comedy in prehistory

The program Dinosaurs Vivi is scheduled at the Troisi Theater in Naples: a fantastic journey through time between comedy and prehistory!

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October 2019 al Troisi Theater of Naples the fantastic and fun show will take place "Live Dinosaurs".

It will be a real one time travel that will catapult you into prehistory, in the age of Dinosaurs. In fact there will be i on the stage flesh and blood dinosaurs. Everything will be set in a museum where the giants of prehistory will come to life thanks to the riddle of the table of time solved by the German paleontologist Alfred.

To dominate the scene there will be not only the Dinosaurs but also the director of the Museum, a mad scientist, two clumsy thieves and Neanderthal man that will give life to a fun show suitable for both adults and small spectators, from two years onwards.

The dinosaurs on stage will be five: A Tyrannosaurusrex, an Velociraptor, a Triceratops and 2 puppies of T.rex. These are extraordinary machines a natural size, built in foam rubber and fabric on a steel skeleton heavy around 40 kg and guided inside by an operator with camera, monitor and joystick to guide their movements.

Information on Live Dinosaurs

When: 19 and 20 October 2019

Where: Troisi Theater, Via Giacomo Leopardi, 192, 80125 Naples NA

Schedule: 11 Hours: 00, 15: 30 and 18: 00, duration of the 1 show now

Price: 10 euro ticket

Contacts: for info or 3669590150 reservations from Monday to Friday from 09: 30 to 12: 30 and from 17: 00 to 19: 30

Photo credit: Fabio Mattiolo

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