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Metropolis to the east, cinema and cuisine of Asia at the Slash of Naples

Beijing, Tokyo and Mumbai will be the stars of extraordinary cinema-gastronomic meetings at the Slash of Naples!

For lovers of oriental cuisine and cinema, do not miss it "Metropolis to the East" cinnamon-gastronomic meetings, set for the 18 February, 4 and 18 March 2015 at the literary cafe Slash of Naples.

A rich review that will give the possibility to know the table and the culture of Beijing, Tokyo and Mumbai, by the cultural association Vidyā - Arts and Cultures of Asia, which will provide three collaborators who have lived in the three cities that are the protagonists of the event.

On the opening night, the flavors and masterpieces of Beijing were staged. A metropolis discovered through a tasty aperi-dinner based on traditional Chinese dishes and accompanied by the screening of the film "Beijing bicycles", by Wang Xiao-shua.

2 aperindia

The next meeting will have the beauty of Tokyo as protagonist, with an evening dedicated to aperi-sushi and of the cinematic masterpiece "Tôkyô!" by Bong-Carax-Gondry. The cycle of meetings will end with the suggestive atmosphere of Indian culture, which will be presented to the participants with "Salaam Bombay!" By Mira Nair and a fragrant and colorful aperi-india.

An unmissable opportunity to get to know 360 ° the culture and art of distant countries and lifestyles based on philosophies completely different from the Western one. A valuable work of study and artistic-cultural dissemination that lassociation Vidyā masterfully carried out by the 2011, placing the emphasis on education to the Interculture, the societies of Asia and the Islamic civilizations.

Metropolis Program in the East

March 4 2015

19,30 hours: Aperi-Sushi of the tradition
20,00 hours: Tokyo told by Ugo di Fenza, director
20,15 hours: Tôkyô! Bong-Carax-Gondry (France, Japan, Germany, South Korea; 2008)

March 18 2015

19,30 hours: Aperi-India flavors and aromas of Indian cuisine
20,00 hours: Mumbai told by Federica Portanova, aspiring architect
20,15 hours: Salaam Bombay! by Mira Nair (India, 1988)

Information on Metropolis in the East

When: 18 February, 4 March and 18 March 2015
Where: Slash, Via Bellini 45
Schedule: 19 pm: 30
Ticket price: € 12 per night (includes wine glass, etno-tasting mix, film screening and Vidya 2015 membership card)

  • Tel: 333 24 39 870
  • E-mail: vidya.napoli@yahoo.it

Reservations required.

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