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Monopoly SSC Napoli: the game dedicated to Calcio Napoli arrives

Monopoli Calcio Napoli

The Monopoly SSC Napoli is reality: the game will be presented in December with special guests and fans

The Monopoly SSC Napoli will be presented on 6 December in Posillipo with free event open to all those who want to discover first of all what will be the characteristics of the most famous board game in the world dedicated to Calcio Napoli.

Retrace the history of Naples

During the official presentation of the game the unique features of the edition dedicated to Naples will be illustrated. What we already know is that through the game you can retrace the milestones in the history of Naples, contained in particular between the unexpected and probability cards. An exciting game but above all a perfect one Christmas gift for all the great Napoli fans: information on the official release of the game will also be provided during the presentation.

The Monopoly of football

The trend to achieve special editions of the Monopoly dedicated to the major soccer teams in the world it has already started a few years ago. Until now, editions of the Monopoly have been created dedicated to Real Madrid, at the Paris Saint Germain al Manchester United and Liverpool.

At national level they already have a dedicated edition Juventus, Inter and Roma, but the 2019 is the year of SSC Napoli for the joy of all the Neapolitan fans.

Information on the Monopoly SSC Napoli Presentation

Where: Palazzo Petrucci (Via Posillipo, 16c)

When: 6 December 2019

Price: Free Event

Timetable: 11: 30

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