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Sardines Movement in Naples: flashmob in Piazza Dante

overview of the sardine movement in Modena

In Piazza Dante in Naples comes the Sardines Movement with a flashmob of protest against Matteo Salvini.

Il Sardines movement is going to make a stop also a Naples and precisely Saturday November 30 2019, in Piazza Dante.

As we know, this is a movement born spontaneously among the people in open criticism against the secretary of the League, and former Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini. In Naples it will take the form of a flash mob named #6000 sardines and will take place simultaneously to the visit of Salvini in Florence.

The Movement was born from the idea of ​​some friends of Bologna, sleepless, as they themselves call themselves, that the November 14 have decided to let those who do not vote for the League take to the streets, for protest against this wave of discrimination and racism which is spreading in various parts of Italy. The idea was to "be one more than them" and to fill the square so much as to remain as tight as sardines.

Information on the Sardine Movement

When: 30 November 2019

Where: Piazza Dante

Timetable: 19.00

info: Facebook event

Photo (Modena event): The Republic
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