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Mural for Pino Daniele at the Central Station of Naples: the work of Jorit

Pino Daniele

Jorit pays homage to Naples with another fantastic work: at the Central Station a large mural will be created which depicts the face of the great Pino Daniele!

The urban artist Jorit he is ready to pay homage to Naples for another extraordinary work, in fact he will paint the face of the great Neapolitan singer-songwriter Pino Daniele disappeared in 2015.

The great work will be accomplished on the facade of the State Railways skyscraper in Piazza Garibaldi, the so-called Palazzo Alto, thanks to an agreement between the Jorit Foundation and Pino Daniele Trust Onlus, with FS Sistemi Urbani and Grandi Stazioni Immobiliare.

Jorit's murals dedicated to Pino Daniele

Jorit, author of many and beautiful works in Naples including the representations of San Gennaro in the Forcella district of Maradona in San Giovanni a Teduccio, by Hamsik to Quarto and the touching work dedicated to the memory of George Floyd, returns with another extraordinary mural, the one dedicated to Pino Daniele.

The works will begin at the end of June and continue until September 2020, so to welcome all visitors and those who arrive and depart every day from the railway hub in Piazza Garibaldi there will be the largest Pino Daniele, the symbol of this land.

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