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2019 Art Night in Naples: in the historic center with music, cinema and guided tours

Piazza del Gesù in Naples

Seventh edition of the Art Night in Naples: an event dedicated to the cultural enhancement and demolition of walls!

Saturday December 14 2019 from 17 hours: 00 will take place in Naples an interesting appointment dedicated to the seventh edition of Art Night.

This is a format designed and implemented by the Second Municipality and Marino D'Angelo, president of the Association "Abili Oltre" and leader of the RTI with "First Social Life", while the artistic direction is entrusted to the actor, Neapolitan director Gianfranco Gallo, that together unite with the sole objective of cultural and social enhancement of the city.

The event will open with music, cinema, guided tours, performances, open stage for new proposals, meetings and much more. Tony Esposito, Maurizio De Giovanni, Maurizio Capone, Marco Zurzolo, Peppe Quintale and Maldestro are just some of the names that have joined this project and therefore the philosophy of Break Napoli.

The theme of the event

For this seventh edition we thought of a very special theme, in fact, on the anniversary of the thirty years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the chosen theme is really the demolition of walls, the destruction of all those distances, differences and discrimination that unfortunately still exist in the 2019 today.

The logo of the event

To best express the theme of the event the artist, Roxy in the Box, decided to represent it with the image of a closed fist holding a rose, in which each of the fingers of the hand is of a different color. The multicolored fist visually represents the saying "the union is strength", where the different ethnic groups come together with a single and common purpose, while the red rose symbolizes passion.

Information on Notte D'arte 2019 in Naples

When: Saturday 14 December 2019

Where: Historical Center of Naples

Hours: 17 hours: 00

Price: free admission

Contacts: facebook page

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