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Metro line 1 timetables, funiculars and buses in Naples for summer 2020

ANM bus in Naples

Here are the timetables of the Metro line 1, the Funiculars and Buses in Naples for the 2020 summer service!

ANM, the Neapolitan company Mobilità that manages public transport in Naples has made it known that starting from 1 July 2020 the new transport plan for the summer will enter into force, which will remain active until September 1, 2020.

Public transport will undergo changes with cuts and reduced trips, but as every year replacement lines will be established.

Surface lines: buses, trams, trolley buses

Tramway lines

  • 2- S. Giovanni (Deposito) - Piazza Nazionale (tramway line) temporarily suspended
  • 4- Corso S.Giovanni - Via Colombo (tramway line) temporarily suspended

Trolly lines

For the Trolly lines will be active:

  • Line 201 connecting Piazza Carlo III to Via Medina.
  • Line 202 that connects Piazza GB Vico to Via Medina
  • Line 254 connecting Portici (Piazza Poli) to Via Nicolini (Suburban Line)

Urban lines suspended

Here are the urban lines temporarily suspended

  • 128 Via C. Console - Via Scarlatti
  • 130 Poggioreale Parise - Vico Acitillo
  • 139 Cardarelli - Dante
  • 150 Garibaldi - Via Pansini
  • 180 Piazzale Tecchio - Scampia (Station MN1)
  • 185 Piazza Carlo III - Via Zanotti Bianco
  • 503 Piazzale Tecchio - Piazza Salvemini
  • C78 Frullone (MN1 station) - Rione dei Fiori (suspended and replaced by 678)

For the complete list of suspended and replacement lines, consult the following link.

Summer Bus Lines

Ordinary bus lines are temporarily suspended, but replacement summer bus lines will be established, here are which:

The Bus Line 612 replaces the C12 bus line. The first departure on weekdays will be at 06:00 and the last at 20:40. On Saturdays and holidays, the first departure will be from 05:40 and the last at 22:30. The 612 bus line will connect Pianura-via Epomeo-Ascent Piedigrotta. The complete path is available at link.

Bus line 633 replaces lines C13 and C33. The first departure on weekdays will be at 05:30 and the last at 20:40. On Saturdays and holidays instead at 05:40 and 21:40. The 633 bus line will connect Pianura-Via Epomeo-P.za Q. Giornate. For the complete itinerary, consult the link.

Bus line 618 replaces the C18 line. On weekdays the first departure will take place at 06:00 and the last at 20:40, while on Saturdays and holidays the times are 06: 00-19: 15. Line 618 will connect Soccavo-Via Epomeo-P.le Tecchio. The complete path is available at link.

Bus line 639 replaces line 139. First departure on weekdays at 05:40 while the last at 22:30. On Saturdays, first departure at 06:05, last at 21:35, while on holidays, the first will be at 07:00 at last 20:45. Line 639 will connect Cardarelli to via G. Santacroce. The full path is visible at link.

Metro line 1

For metro line 1 the program is divided into three phases. Furthermore, the second exits of the stations remain closed: Montecalvario, Montedonzelli Via dell'Erba, Rione Alto II, Salvator Rosa (Battistello Caracciolo) and the Corridor connecting the Museum, metro Line 1 / Line 2.

July 1-August 1

  • Morning time slot until 14:00 frequency 10 minutes
  • Afternoon slot 14:00 - 19:00 frequency 12 minutes
  • Evening time slot 19:00 - 23:00 frequency 20 minutes

2-30 August

  • Single time slot: trains run at a frequency of 21 minutes until 00:14. From 21:00 pm until the end of the service, the frequency goes to 20 minutes.

31 - 12 September (in force lo same time di July)

For further information consult the link.

Mergellina Funicular

The Funicular of Mergellina it will be closed to the public from 30 June to 1 September 2020. In its place, line 621 will be active from 7:00 to 21:45 on the Manzoni - Mergellina route. The bus stops at the intermediate stations of the funicular. All information to the following place.

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