The Municipality of Naples provides redevelopment works for the Lungomare: this is how it will change!

Hunger strike by the municipal councilors of Naples to get the release of funds that the government owes to the city

De Magistris and Ingroia soon be friends again: the mayor of Naples announced it on Twitter

Blue car for sale for the Spending Review. Initiative of the Campania region to cut superfluous costs

De Magistris has just said that the Civil Revolution has no future, but Ingroia supports the exact opposite!

Mayor De Magistris has expressed his opinions on the failure of the Civil Revolution and the "winners" of the elections. "

Strong drop in voters in Campania. Events of malpractice in some seats, in Mariglianella distributed fruit in exchange for votes ...

In the 2013 elections they are captain of all colors: Francesca Pascale invites the Communists to shame and kisses her card

Scandal at the Monaldi hospital, the electoral manifesto of the PD invades a hospital ward. Doctors and staff in revolt