Best sushi venues in Naples

The best sushi restaurants in Naples

The best Japanese restaurants in Naples, a wide choice of places to eat sushi in perfect Japanese style

In Naples you can eat a very good one sushi in the best Japanese restaurants which also offer other traditional Japanese dishes.

In fact, the city can satisfy its visitors even if you want to taste different dishes from the typical and traditional ones. There are many restaurants, for example, that offer an excellent one Japanese cuisine.

There are many proposals: from the restaurant with excellent quality products and high prices, in line with the goodness of the food, to that with the fair balance quality / price that will not make you regret having entered; from the local that offers revisited and fusion cuisine to those with the formula "All you can eat" for lunch, up to the smallest Sushi bar with take away service.



Kukai is the more renowned Japanese restaurant in the city and has also opened a second location in Capri maintaining its "allure". It is a very refined and elegant restaurant that offers dishes from the "Japanese contemporary cuisine" and, even if the dishes are not only of high quality, they are all aesthetically pleasing.
The first thing that catches the eye is the elegance of the room: cared for in every detail, with soft lighting and furniture that is inspired by the sophisticated design. The kitchen is visible with windows that allow you to see the hypnotic work of the cooks.
The offer of food is very varied and certainly to be tasted there are soups, dishes that few other "japan" of Naples offer. To be ordered without question the set chosen by the chefs that will allow you to try many different flavors.
The ingredients are all of the highest quality that are hardly found in other restaurants, such as amberjack or oysters. The quality / price ratio is good but the place is certainly not cheap.

The Kukai sushi in Naples

high 081 425888 Via De Cesare, 52


Jorudan Sushi

Elegant and minimalist place in the furnishing, but welcoming and relaxing thanks to its wooden walls. A note of merit for the chefs: pure Japanese with years of Japanese experience behind it that for about three years appear in the Japanese charts of the best Japanese foreign restaurants.
Prices, albeit not cheap, they do not provide service and are coveredso you only pay what you actually eat.
The dishes are prepared with meticulous attention to detail and also satisfy the customer's eye. To be tried absolutely the "ebi ten" and the "sushi press".
The environment is not large, there are few tables, but you can also take advantage of the take away service.

The Jorudan sushi in Naples

high 081 048 0536 Via Posillipo, 322


Black Sushi

This restaurant is located in one of the most enchanting places in the city: the Lungomare. So you can eat Japanese food of excellent quality and also enjoy the sea view, especially during the summer when there are also outdoor tables.
This restaurant also offers the formula "All you can eat" on certain days of the week, but allows you to choose dishes from a separate menu. The environment is elegant, warm and welcoming and the offer is innovative as it is some Japanese dishes are revisited. For example, you can try the strawberry sushi.
A curiosity that makes the proposal even more tempting: periodically the local fishermen bring the catch of the day to the restaurant.

Black Sushi

medium-high 081 1933 5173 Via Partenope, 12


Jap one

Located in a fairly expensive area in itself, near Piazza dei Martiri, it looks like a room with very beautiful and elegant interiors.
Who sushi and sashimi are really unsurpassable, given the quality of the raw materials really excellent.
The selection of wines is wide and, since the eye also wants its part, the presentation of the dishes is very accurate. Among the appetizers include dishes like lobster with pine nuts and carpaccio. To be tried there is certainly green tea ice cream.
Undoubtedly it is the most expensive Japanese restaurant in Naples.

Jap One Naples

high 081 764 6667 Vico S. Maria A Old Chapel, 30 / il


O 'Sushi

Small local Vomero, very nice and with the possibility of eating at the counter or at one of the tables facing the street. The ingredients used are of very high quality.
Excellent appetizers like the tartare of gRanchio arctic with vinegar-based sauce. Exquisite and visually very good sushi, but in addition to sushi you can order other typical Japanese or Japanese-fusion dishes such as octopus takoyaki.
From Monday to Friday at lunchtime you can choose the "Bento" formula, to try to live a lunch break with the classic "basket" of the Japanese tradition that can include four dishes among thirty different proposals.

Or 'sushi Naples

medium 081 049 4464 Via Francesco Cilea, 203



Risen for some years on the ashes of the old Chinese restaurant "Acquario", in the Chiaia area, Tokyo offers the fair price / quality ratio. There is a possibility to sit on gods pillows and to have even more reserved tables.
The whole environment is in Japanese style and the wooden furniture prevails. Note cute: the small bridge that welcomes you at the entrance.
The kitchen is Japanese-Japanese with fusion touches. Very particular is the area of ​​the kitchen located at the entrance good customer view: a Japanese chef will cook a variety of dishes, especially the first such as spaghetti or rice dish, in front of your eyes.
The quality of the food is good and also the variety: sashimi, sushi, uramaki, nigiri, tempura, are all dishes that do not disappoint. Not recommended meat dishes.

Tokyo sushi in Naples

medium 081 761 2936 Via Santa Maria Della Neve 26



This restaurant is located in the same area is always Black, on the seafront, but more dislocated, towards Mergellina.
Relaxing interiors and, in summer, also romantic outdoor, with the light of the Candles accompanying guests during dinner.
The Sushivendolo is more a sushi-bar that a restaurant, in fact, the tables are few and small and the restaurant deals mainly with take away or home delivery service.
The menu, very varied, also offers vegetarian dishes a basis of avocado, asparagus, spinach, cucumber. Good quality / price ratio.

Sushivendolo Naples

medium 081 032 0956 Via Campanella, 5



Intimate and well-kept restaurant with impeccable table service, located in Posillipo. In the room there is a monitor that makes the chef in action observed to customers.
The menu is varied and of exquisite workmanship both as preparation and as raw materials pleasantly combines Japanese and Italian cuisine.
To underline the highest quality and the goodness especially of the carpaccio that "melt in your mouth". Good and well presented desserts. Excellent wine list.
The prices are certainly not cheap but the quality is paid. There is the possibility of take away or home delivery service.

Honzen's sushi in Naples

high 081 714 7201 Via Manzoni, 126



Local located in via Luca Giordano, in the heart of Vomero.
Famous for its formula "All you can eat" which allows you to choose dishes from a particular menu at a fixed price. Although sometimes the formula "all you can eat" can bring the level of aesthetics and service down, Hachi does not change the aesthetics and the quality of the dishes in any way.
The dining room staff is very kind and willingly explains the dishes to the diners. The sushi station is at the center of the room, in sight. There is the possibility of gluten-free dishes.

The Hachi sushi in Naples

medium 081 558 3954 Via Luca Giordano, 33


Pure Japanese Restaurant

Small niche where it is difficult to find a place without a reservation but particularly suitable for one romantic evening. Far from the classic "all you can eat", the preparations are taken care of and the raw materials are good.
To try the sushiset that will allow you to appreciate the different flavors and the different textures of hot and cold sushi selection. Pure boasts one of the best sake selections and cocktails specially chosen by a sommelier to harmonize with the menu.

The Puro sushi in Naples

medium-high 081 761 7264 Via Schipa, 40

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