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Teatro Stabile di Napoli On Line: the great theater is watched from home (with headphones)

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The Teatro Stabile of Naples has arrived online: very recently you can also attend the Elettra, a show in which the sound is almost an actor

If spectators can no longer go to the Teatro Stabile (which brings together the Teatro Mercadante and the Teatro San Ferdinando in Naples), then the Stabile will transfer its stage to the homes of all Italians. The project Teatro Stabile On Line, which makes use of a dedicated YouTube channel, has recently been enriched with a show inspired byElectra of Sophocles, staged in the 2005 directed by Andrea De Rosa.

The plot

The plot of the Electra by Andrea De Rosa is taken from theElectra of Sophocles, among the most famous and significant tragedies of the classical era.

Daughter of Agamemnon, king of the Achaeans, Elettra can not tolerate the idea that his mother Clytemnestra plotted behind Agamemnon to kill him. Electra's hatred of her mother will prompt her to constantly ask for one just revenge for the father: even if it will be another hand that will kill Clytemnestra, Elettra will play in the ancient and contemporary collective imagination the role of matricide.

An Electra to listen with headphones

The reason why the Teatro Stabile of Naples has decided to offer its viewers the online vision of Andrea De Rosa's Clitennestra is the particular conception of the sound which accompanied the theatrical staging.

At the time, in 2005, viewers were given some headphones through which to listen to the music and voices of the actors.

The music of Giorgio Mellone as well as the voices of the actors were in fact taken up by the sound engineer Hubert Westkemper with a particular technique called "holophonic".

This technique, which is implemented through the use of one special microphone said precisely "holophonic" allows you to record the sound (and subsequently reproduce it) so that it is not perceived as emitted by headphones, but "out of the head" of the listener, for a representation of the sound absolutely realistic and engaging.

To experience the holophonic sound of the Electra at home, just use the stereo headphones and connect to the channel Youtube of the Teatro Stabile of Naples.

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