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Bike Sharing back to Naples with a 24 bike sharing service on 24! Here's how it will work according to the delibe ...

Here's how to lend a hand to ensure that the Bike Sharing in Naples continues after the stop due to the bureaucratic slowness of the Miur.

As part of the Bike Sharing sustainable mobility project, ten new cyclostations will be active in Naples ...

After the first months of testing, bike sharing continues in Naples with new cycle stations near the metro stations and cumana!

In Naples more and more the bike messengers, cyclocrossers who make deliveries and withdrawals in an ecological way!

The bike sharing in Naples is becoming reality and the first experimental bicycles arrive to carry out road tests

This week's offers allow you, among other things, to make a fantastic mountain bike excursion and ...

In April the first cycle-sharing stations for bike sharing, starting from the Lungomare: all at no cost to the Municipality