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Hipster market

The Hipster Market returns to excite the Neapolitans with the Drive In!

For the workers' party there will be the Hipster Spicy Edition Market at Bacoli's Panorama Beach

"Vesuwave, Naples as New York" is the new appointment of the Hipster Market dedicated to vintage shopping and ...

The Hipster Market celebrates 2014 Christmas with "Christmas in the Hipster House" with lots of art and fun that does not convince ...

Great event at the Duel Beat on the occasion of the party of the dead with a special edition of the Hipster Market!

A new appointment with the Due Beat Market Hipster, between unconventional art and vintage objects

The Musicology Vesuvio Live Festival will be held on the trail to Vesuvius with lots of music, hipster market, drinks and relax!

Back to the hipster market at the Duel Beat, with many stands with vintage products and crafts and the ability to make ...