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Subway 6 line

Line 6 of the Naples Metro will be active from 2021: the Hitachi project director, responsible for the work ...

Here's how it will be Piazza della Repubblica in Naples after the completion of works for the Arco-Mirelli underground stop ...

The construction site in Piazza Plebiscito in Naples starts from September 2018 for the works of the 6 metro line on the Chiaia-Mun ...

Thanks to the funds allocated by the Government, the works on the 6 metro line in Naples can also be completed.

At the start the paving works at the Chiaia Riviera and the San Pasquale Station of the 6 metro line will open in the 2018.

Here's how it will be the San Pasquale station of the metro line 6 of Naples.

Finished the structures of the Chiaia-Monte di Dio station in Naples: it will be illuminated by a long cone of light in the shape of a vortex!

Once again underground 6 line closed to the public for extraordinary maintenance work from the 3 2014 March

Subway 6 line suspended for two days, the 13 and 14 February 2014