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Naples museums

Closed museums and cultural activities suspended in Naples as in all Italy: the government strengthens measures against Coronavirus

The Sansevero Chapel has conquered the millions of tourists who visited Naples in 2019: all the numbers of a small miracle ...

In November, the Banco di Napoli Museum presents an exhibition - an event that will retrace its history

In October, for the 2019 Contemporary Day, Naples will open free Museums and Galleries of Contemporary Art

The Archaeological Park of Herculaneum, the Pietrarsa Museum and the Museum of Agricultural Sciences of Portici have decided to create the ticket ...

The wonderful collections of the scientific museums of Naples can be visited for free during the Christmas period!

Even on the first Sunday of November the museums will be free in Naples, with archaeological areas, parks and monumental gardens!

The #DomenicalMuseo initiative returns with free museums in Naples on 4 October 2015

With the initiative "Music x museums" classical music will accompany you during your visits!
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