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The best staples in Naples: 10 tips not to be missed

Soft, fragrant and served hot hot: the best staples of Naples are waiting for you!

The queen of fried desserts in Naples is the clip and tasting the best in town will make the day unforgettable.

Brioche, croissants, puff pastry and pastry: these are the most loved sweets by the Neapolitans for breakfast, snack or midnight, but the staple can not be resisted. The soft fried donut covered with white sugar is part of our culinary tradition. The basic version has been joined by increasingly greedy variations, such as the staple stuffed with custard, Nutella, white chocolate and even whole Kinder bars. The name staple is a cast of "krapfen", a dessert similar to Austro-German. The staple stuffed with cream without "hole" is also called "bomb".

In this regard, in the city exist ten famous places to eat the best Neapolitan staples, we list them below.


Chalet Ciro

The historic Chalet Ciro, has always been one of the favorite destinations for all the neapolitan gluttons. Famous for ice cream and desserts, the restaurant also boasts excellent staples, fried in front of customers and served hot. For some years they have launched the "ConoGraffa", or a cone-shaped clip filled with ice cream and cream. As a side dish there is a view of the splendid Gulf of Naples that opens up before the eyes of customers. An experience at 360 °, a cheap prices and excellent quality.

Timetables: every day 6: 30-2: 30, Wednesday closed

Chalet Ciro Naples

economic 081 669928; Via Caracciolo, 31 (in front of Via Orazio)


The Grafferia

The Grafferia represents the paradise of the staple, "fried and eaten on the spot", an explosion of authentic goodness. The small local offers lots of fried donuts, classic and stuffed, are famous staple braces. Also worthy of mention are the "coppetielli "of staples covered with nutella, the donuts and bon bon with delicious creams. Prices are normal while the difficulty in choosing the staple to be tasted is high, given the goodness and the many variations proposed.

Timetables: every day from 18: 00

The Grafferia Naples

economic 081 0385703 Via Chiaia - Vicoletto Sant 'Arpino 10


Magn Magn

It is not a pub in the true sense of the term, but a historical one sandwich shop in the Neapolitan way. Wide choice in the menu, including excellent meats, cheeses and side dishes that range from classic cuisine and touch more special dishes, such as the filet steak South America. Nice presentation of sandwiches on the cutting board with a bed of fries. Prices slightly higher than average, but justified by the quality of the dishes.

Timetables: every day from 18

Magn Magn Napoli Graff

economic 081-0491849 Via Mario Fiore, 43


Feel like a staple

A staple with a capital G, this place has become a cult of Naples. Desserts are always fried at the moment and the quality is evidenced by appropriate monitors that transmit the staple preparation live, from frying to sugaring. Prices are cheap and customers satisfied enough to say: "You can not buy happiness, but you can buy a clip and it's the same thing!". You can also order on Justeat.

Want to staple Naples

economic 081 295623 Via dei Tribunali, 363


Pirò Cafè

Large, soft and fragrant staples. Pirò is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat a real staple. the Local is elegant and you can taste many other types of dishes: sandwiches, chips, rotisserie. We also have a good coffee and beer to drink.

Timetables: every day from 7: 00; Fri and Sun up to 2: 00; sat up to 3: 00

Pirò clip

economic 320 760 4006 Street of the Epomeo 232


The pan

Renowned rotisserie of Vomero, is very famous throughout Naples for its fried food, omelettes and spit-roasted chickens. They are also unique the staples that churns out in the morning and immediately go on sale. Moreover, the prices of all the dishes are really competitive. A true Neapolitan institution.

Timetables: every day 7: 30 - 22: 30

Scratch La Padella Naples

medium 081 19804962 Via Fracanzano, 13 bis


The Grafferì

In a few years since its birth it has been able to be noticed thanks to the quality of its staples and the croissants it prepares. The fillings are delicious, a riot of creams, chocolate, biscuits and snacks. The shapes of the staples are various, to heart for S. Valentino, in the shape of a cornet etc. Delivery also at home.

Timetables: Tue-Thu 8: 00-3: 00; Fri-Sat 8: 30-5: 00; Sun 19: 00-2: 00; Monday closed

Grafferì in Naples

economic 3296023413 Via Giotto, 23


The Pebble

Very famous restaurant with a table full of sweets able to attract customers from every area of ​​the city. Renowned especially for the croissants, even the staples are not far behind. IS open all night, perfect to end a night at the disco and to start the new day well. The restaurant in Via Marina is still there the top, that of Viale Michelangelo seems to have fallen very low.

Timetables: every day 18: 00-7: 00

Il Ciottolo Naples

cheap Via Amerigo Vespucci, 79; Viale Michelangelo, 62



The queen of the staple outside Naples. Pupetta a Castellammare fry quality staples accompanied by a varied set of croissants, brioches, granz and so on. All of own production, all very good.

Timetables: 18: 30 at 10: 00, Saturday closed

Pupetta graffe Naples

economic 081 871 0849 Via Santo, 15 - 80053 Castellammare di Stabia (Naples)


The Ciambellai

In the picturesque area of ​​Pignasecca there is the I Ciambellai fried-fish counter. So much fry exposed and salty foods, but the real gem is, as the name also says, the clip. Small and swollen, melts in your mouth as it is soft and light. The price, then, is ridiculous for such goodness.

Timetables: every day 8: 00-20: 00; Sunday closed

The donuts staple Naples

economic 081 5525344 Via Portamedina 71

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