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The Casa del Bicentenario in the Herculaneum Archaeological Park reopens to the public after 30 years

Casa del Bicentenario in Herculaneum

At 30 years after its closure due to structural instability, the Casa del Bicentenario in the Archaeological Park of the city reopens in Herculaneum.

In Ercolano Archaeological Park returns to the public from 23 October 2019 la Bicentennial House, a real structural and artistic masterpiece.

This domus of extraordinary beauty finally comes reopened to visitors after 30 years after its closure due to instability in the structure.

The house is defined of the Bicentennial since it was discovered, exactly two hundred years after the excavations conducted by the Bourbons, in the 1938 by the archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri.

Such a wonderful one home of Giulio-Claudia age, belonged to wealthy patricians, offers the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in the home setting of the people of the time, identifying uses and customs also thanks to the splendid paintings with representations of scenes of life of the ancient Herculaneum.

It can certainly be noted as the Bicentennial House it was a domus of wealthy masters, especially if we focus not only on the artistic side of the paintings, but also to floor decorations and in the presence of one wooden sliding door, detail that gives off a certain taste, luxury and refinement.

Of particular importance was also the finding of a child archive of wooden tablets used for writing and gods papyrus, important historical documents that tell us something more about the life of the time.

Information on the Bicentennial House

Where: Archaeological Park, Corso Resina 187, Ercolano

When: From 23 October 2019

Schedule: The Archaeological Park is open from 1 / 04 to 31 / 10 from 8: 30 to 19: 30 with last entry to 18: 00 and from 1 / 11 to 31 / 03 from 8: 30 to 17: 00 with last entry to the 15: 30


  • Reduced admission to 2 euro for young people from 18 to 25 not completed years

  • Single whole 13 euro

Information: Official site

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