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In Naples opens the first public outdoor library: al Vomero to read for free


At Vomero, Naples, the first public outdoor library was opened to read books for free and also to do booksharing!

La public outdoor library will be inaugurated tomorrow 7 September 2019 at 11: 30 in Naples and more specifically in the Vomero in piazza Vanvitelli near the flower kiosk. In the first place it is necessary to register the free access to the books making it more immediate and simple to be able to have a text that you wanted to consult for some time or to discover an author previously unknown. It should also be borne in mind that its very nature and the components with which it was made betray a fairly in-depth research into new construction techniques, especially in the environmental field, and entry into the Sharing Economy.

In the projects of the contributors, the public outdoor library will give the possibility to offer a book, however a maximum of three, to all those who want to enjoy a good reading while sitting on the bench. Of course it is also possible to bring the text home as long as you bring it back or exchange it for another. This initiative will have ashtag #Prendi3Libri which derives directly from the environmental initiative #Prendi3 which consists in taking at least three pieces of plastic from the beach to throw them and then posting the photo on social networks with the appropriate hashtag in order to sensitize users.

La open air public library it was created thanks to the help of Giovanni and Davide Estate who allowed us to supply one side of the flower kiosk, the bookshop I'm in who provided the books, Giancarlo Minniti who made the shelves of this library with recycled materials and Dario Catania. This initiative is very important for the possibility of finding books completely free.

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