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The best pubs in Naples

Panini of all shapes and sizes, more creative or more similar to the American original, appetizers and fries.
In Naples you can find many pubs and sandwich shops where you can savor sandwiches of all kinds, with hamburgers, sausages, pork, fish but also vegetables, with particular or traditional combinations, but also a great variety of stuzzicheria to make the evenings of tourists, visitors but also of the Neapolitans who love to try a different pub every weekend.

Here are the best ones!


Penny Black Pub

Well-kept environment, soft light ed excellent cuisine, this is the winning formula of Penny Black, historical pub of Vomero. The renowned restaurant offers a very large menu with original dishes and always fresh as the cheese fondue chips, the chianina and marchigiana burgers, the bruschetta, the legendary unique dishes, the fried and sweet desserts. The ingredients are a majority at km zero and the meat is chosen among the best scottone, Marche or Chianina.
Also worthy of note is the selection of beers. Possibility of vegetarian dishes. Prices are average and the environment is welcoming and typical.

sandwich with penny black button

medium +328 681 5406 Via Enrico Alvino 134 / b | Via Partenope 9


Unusual London Pub

Small restaurant near Piazza Mazzini, The Unusual London Pub makes the speed in preparing sandwiches its strength. With two coals and a very young staff e very kind waiting is never a lot. Excellent the appetizers are hot and cold.
Do not miss the "unusual potatoes"Or portions of fresh potatoes seasoned with meat and second courses (for example with meatballs, bacon, cheddar and caramelized onion). There is the possibility to compose your own sandwich starting from the type and form of bread up to the meat and the side dishes. Also good accompanying sauces and homemade meatballs. Excellent quality / price ratio.

Unusual Vertigo potatoes (onion flavored), crispy bacon, breaded chicken strips and melted cheddar, all accompanied by barbecue sauce.

economic +081 1936 4178 Via Salvator Rosa, 247


Lelena Burger & co.

After the success of the Aversa club, Lelena also opened in Naples, bringing the design choices of the parent company to the capital city of Naples and, above all, the concept of hamburgheria "Italian style". Naturally leavened sandwiches, first choice raw materials and as much as possible bells and non-industrial sauces combine with sandwiches "of design". Even the serving is like a signature: rigorously served in its halves to allow the customer to see all the raw materials. The Lelena format offers a special sandwich that changes every three weeks as the "surf and turf" with shrimp with butter, fried arugula, leche de tigre and coppered tomato. Lelena also offers a weekly brunch.

Brunch at the lelena pub & co

medium +081 764 7880 via Ferrigni, 6



Studioburger is famous for its weekly formula "all you can eat". On Thursdays with 15 euro only you can enjoy an appetizer consisting of pugliesi bombette, breaded chicken strips with cornflakes, gurnard and fried provola cheese, potato chips with cheddar and mini gourmet sandwiches, in addition to a small drink.
The other days of the week works like a normal pub and maybe it could be interesting to take advantage of the "all you can eat" evening to decide which is your favorite sandwich. The quality of the ingredients is good and some combinations have been chosen together with their trusted butcher. Especially the Thursday formula should be tried.

Chianina Burger by Studioburger

medium +081 009 3841 Via Giordano Bruno, 86


Morrigan Pub

The Morrigan is considered, rightly, one of the best places of Vomero and over the years has certainly undergone many changes in the menu and management. Great selection of beers to choose with the help of the host, the owner and expert brewer. Ingredients and dishes chosen with care and made with raw materials precious. We often organize evenings with live music (we advise you to book in time) and they come out tasty off the menu Belgian flamande carbonnade. To try absolutely the chips with walnut and cheese sauce.
Also present vegetarian proposals. Excellent desserts is always homemade. Excellent quality / price ratio. To be tried absolutely.

Buffalo sausage with stewed potatoes with carrots and laurel and rosemary at the Morrigan Pub

medium +081 558 4243 Via Raffaele Morghen, 72 / A


The Black Goose Pub

The Black Goose is one of the largest pubs in Naples and one of the busiest in Vomero. The kitchen boasts a tasty menu with always plentiful dishes, offering excellent quality meats and sandwiches and cutting-edge foreign beers. There are the most popular dishes fries, wurstel bockwurst, sausages, hamburgers, le entrecote, the various and delicious side dishes and especially desserts like the famous Oreo cake. Possibility of vegetarian dishes. Prices are average, good food and warm environment.


medium +081 558 1649 Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 17


Frank Malone Pub

Already famous for the variety of its beers, the Frank Malone is also talked about for the renowned cuisine. The restaurant offers one of the best sandwiches in Naples, both for the goodness of the bread and for the quality of the ingredients. The recipes are both traditional and innovative as the delicious sandwich with curry chicken and dried tomatoes, the Angus, onion rings and grow umbra. The atmosphere is heated by excellent rock music, soft lighting and lots of fun, to spend pleasant moments in joy.

Crescia umbra at the Frank Malone Pub

medium +081 578 6686 Via Tito Angelini, 13



Blackburger is one of the most popular pubs in the Neapolitan area, so much so that it opened an additional restaurant in Naples in addition to that of Frattamaggiore. The reasons for success are simple: the choice of meat and raw materials.
From Blackburger they are used only bovine marchigiano, Casertan black pig and Campanian chickens raised on the ground. All sandwiches are abundant. This is the place for those who like to exaggerate, ordering, for example, the "Americanino", double burgers, bacon, cheddar and french fries. Excellent also the appetizers. Possibility to order i gluten-free sandwiches. As sweet try the "Peppeniello" and "Ciruzziello", filled with chocolate and pistachio cream. Extremely favorable quality / quantity / price ratio.


medium +339 352 5163 Via Vittorio Emanuele III 167, Frattamaggiore NA



Considered by many users as one of the best Campania sandwiches, Polpetteria has prices perfectly in line with the quality and service offered. Although from the outside it may seem like a simple take away, it is actually much more. Polpetteria is a study of flavors, research of raw materials and above all a lot of kindness. Nice the "scabbed" versions of the sandwiches present in the menu that tend towards the gourmet as, for example, Napoli Scostumato con buffalo meatballs, parmigiana and caciocavallo di bufalo in a cereal sandwich.
The restaurant is characterized by a high quality, a fair price and one awesome variety of meatballs (meat, fish and vegetables). The assortment of homemade beers it is very broad.

Naples scabbled with bread with cereals, buffalo meatballs from Campania, eggplant parmigiana and caciocavallo di bufala fused with Polpetteria.

economic +347 843 8839 Via Felice Terracciano 183 - Pomigliano D'Arco


26Hamburger & Delicious

26 hamburger & delicious is not a place for people who want to eat little. The quality of the meat and the size of the sandwiches in addition to the original combinations are specially blended to achieve a "wow" result. For example, "Mamma Enza" replaces bread with two macaroni omelettes and on top of one mozzarella from 300 g! As their motto by 26Hamburger & Delicious says, everyone will find the hamburger tailor-made for them and surely nobody will be disappointed.

Mamma Enza with two omelettes at 26 hamburger

medium 089 343430 Via Alfonso Balzico, 26 - Cava De 'Tirreni