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Spaccanapoli: the Decumano Inferiore

Spaccanapoli, the road that divides Naples in two

Spaccanapoli, the street of the historical center that divides the city in two.

Spaccanapoli it is one of the symbolic streets of Naples and is so called because divides the ancient city into two, between north and south.

Commonly called Decumano Inferiore, is a long straight stretch of the historical center and, together with the Decumano Maggiore and the Decumano Superiore, is one of the three main arteries of the original Greek urban planning.
There are numerous along the way historic buildings, palaces and churches which are among the most important places of interest in Naples, but there are also many craft shops, clubs, bars and shops that contribute to make it one of the most famous streets.

To fully understand why the street is called this way, you can admire the historical center from above, observing the panorama from San Martino al Vomero, noting how the rift is clear and precise.

The streets of Spaccanapoli

Originally, Spaccanapoli started from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore and reached via Duomo, then with the Romans it was extended to what is now Piazza del Gesù, until when the Viceroy Don Pedro of Toledo, in the sixteenth century, reached the Quartieri Spagnoli.

Currently, therefore, the road it starts from via Pasquale Scura, on the Quartieri, and ends in the final part of Forcella.
Overall, it consists of the following 7 roads:

  • Via Pasquale Scura
  • Via Maddaloni
  • Via Benedetto Croce
  • Via San Biagio dei Librai
  • Via Vicaria Vecchia
  • Via Forcella
  • Via Giudecca Vecchia

The Decumano Inferiore is connected to the Upper one by the famous Via San Gregorio Armeno.

Places of main interest

Along Spaccanapoli are found many buildings and places of interest. Below, the most important:

  • Palazzo Carafa di Maddaloni
  • Church of the Gesù Nuovo
  • Basilica of Santa Chiara
  • Palazzo Filomarino
  • Palazzo Venezia
  • Palazzo Petrucci
  • Church of San Domenico Maggiore
  • Church of Sant'Angelo a Nilo
  • Palazzo Diomede Carafa
  • pawnshop
  • Obelisk of the Immaculate
  • Obelisk of San Domenico
  • Statue of the god Nile

How to get

By subway
Subway 2 line, Montesanto or Piazza Cavour stops

In cumana
Cumana or circumflegrea, Montesanto stop

In funicular
Montesanto Funicular, Montesanto stop

By bus
R2, 154, 151, 201, 202, 472, E1

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Spaccanapoli is the long road that divides Naples into two, also known as Decumano Inferiore.
Address: Spaccanapoli
City: Naples
Region: Campania
Country: Italy
Coordinates: 40.8457234,14.2471037
Operating hours: open h24
Admission for visitors is free.