The road to Naples: strikes, traffic blocks, ZTL and information on how to get around the city.

Early closure for the Naples Metro Line 1 on July 6, 2020 due to maintenance works!

In Naples, new works have started for the underground line 1, Luigi De Magistris announces it: the tunnel will connect Capodichin ...

News for public transport in Campania: Vincenzo De Luca announces the arrival of 142 new buses!

Here are the timetables of the Metro line 1, the Funiculars and Buses in Naples for the 2020 summer service!

For summer 2020 in Naples news for public transport: reduced buses with 10% race cuts!

Here's how to request a refund for Unico Campania Subscriptions that are not used during the lockdown!

The bus shuttles that connect Vomero and Miseno and the Lucrino della Cumana station with Capo Miseno. Here are the timetables and routes for ...

The Campania Express 2020 is the fast train that will allow you to travel between Naples and Sorrento, to discover the most beautiful places ...

Ryanair, the low cost airline will leave with connections to and from Naples with 29 routes!