The road to Naples: strikes, traffic blocks, ZTL and information on how to get around the city.

24 strike hours of air transport also in Naples the 13 December 2019. Here are the canceled and guaranteed flights.

New weather alert in Naples for Friday 13 December 2019. Rain and strong winds expected.

16 December 2019 Monday there is a Trenitalia strike in Campania. Discomfort also for the 2 metro line in Naples.

The times and warranty bands of the 10 December 2019 strike in Naples by metro line 1, buses and Funiculars.

2019 1 line and Christmas XNUMX service, buses and Centrale, Mergellina, Montesanto and Chiaia a ...

Saturday 30 November 2019 the subway line 1 and the Central Funicular of Naples make runs up to 2 at night. Here is gl ...

The times of the 1 metro strike, Funiculars and ANM buses in Naples for Friday 29 November 2019.

The 29 November 2019 strike times on Cumana, Circumflegrea, Circumvesuviana, suburban lines and MteroCampania N ...

Overnight nocturnal attack also on Saturday 23 November 2019 for the 1 metro line and the Central Funicular in Naples.