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Free cardiovascular visits to Naples in Piazza Vittoria: a cutting-edge project


Free cardiovascular visits in Naples in Piazza Vittoria: in November, the Banca Del Cuore 2019 takes care of all the Neapolitan citizens

Da Monday 11 November to Wednesday 13 November from 9: 00 to 19: 00 all Neapolitan citizens can submit to one for free free cardiology screening in Piazza Vittoria (near the Broken Column) where the Jumbo Truck will be parked Heart Bank 2019.

The initiative is aimed at diagnose promptly and especially to prevent all cardiological diseases that in recent years are spreading with exceptional speed and in all sections of the population, affecting in particular the men among the 18 and the 40 years.

The prevention and diagnosis campaigns of Banca del Cuore in the past years have allowed for identify patients unknowingly at risk of death, allowing appropriate medical strategies to be implemented in time to improve their clinical condition.

All those who undergo the free exams offered by the Banca del Cuore Truck will be distributed the innovative ones BancomHeart, le unique cards in the world with which every citizen can consult 24 hours on 24 his own electrocardiogram, the values ​​of his own blood pressure and various other data regarding his own clinical picture.

All data will be kept in one "safe" electronic that will make them available not only to your own doctor but also to any other specialist, internationally.

Information on Free Cardiological Visits 2019

Where: Piazza della Vittoria, Naples

When: from 11 to 13 November 2019

Price: Free Event

Time: from 9: 00 19 to: 00

Information and contacts: Official site

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