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Where to eat fish in Naples: here are the best 4 restaurants

Seafood dish, where to eat fish in Naples

Fried, baked or first courses, fish in Naples is the star of taste. Here are the best local 4 where to eat it!

Between pizzas and meat sauce, the third historical element of Neapolitan cuisine is the fish, a tasty treasure coming directly from waters of the Parthenopean Gulf.

The catch on the tables includes the Tyrrhenian species cheaper, but inevitably the tastiest, thanks to the skill with which they are prepared.

in menu mainly recipes based on anchovies, sea bass, sea bream, dentex, pezzogne, bream, troubles and cicenielli appear. In addition, among the Neapolitan cookers can not miss cuttlefish, squid, octopus, shrimp, lobsters and seafood such as mussels, razor clams, taratufi, fasolari, telline and clams.

Many fish varieties served mainly fried, baked, in soups or in famous pasta dishes, as tradition imposes. To taste the best fish courses, strictly fresh, Naples offers local 4s of excellence, here's what.


kemar 1

Restaurant, takeaway and street food, Kemar represents innovation and at the same time tradition. His fame is due to a 360 ° menu of fresh fish, starting from the classic fried sea coppetiello with mussel soup, pasta with beans and mussels and gnocchi with fish. The exclusive novelties of Kemar consist in sea ​​kebabs with tuna, salmon and shrimp and in "Panserotto" a mega-sandwich with tuna cutlet, fries, salad, tomatoes and sauces. Prices in the norm, sublime quality and a "tide" of taste!

Address: Via Diocleziano, 280
Phone: 081 0363088

Fish Experience

fish experience 1

A real "great experience" in one of the busiest city centers. Fish Experience owes success thanks to a "0 Km" fish, which arrives at the stove still alive. Worthy of the best Neapolitan tradition are mussel soup, fried and grilled fish, pasta and beans with mussels, soutè, octopus salad and special fried bass. Fish market in the evening and tavern in the evening with an excellent quality / price, Fish Experience has entered the hearts of the Neapolitans.

Address: Largo Antignano, 12
Phone: 333 5800595

Pescheria Mattiucci

fishmongers 1

Located in the chic Naples, the Pescheria Mattiucci is now an institution for sea-food lovers. Di day fishmonger, in the evening restaurant, the small and charming restaurant is known for its raw fish dishes, prepared in front of customers, bearing witness to the genuineness and freshness of its catches. Also worthy of note are the Genoese of tuna, the squid stuffed with zucchini, fish soup and the tuna meatballs. Prices are slightly above average, largely justified by unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Address: Vico Belledonne in Chiaia, 27
Phone: 081 2512215

The Miracle of Pisces

the miracle of 3 fish

"An explosion of the sea", these are the words of the customers commenting on The Miracle of Pisces. The restaurant offers a colorful menu dedicated to tradition and to most sought after recipes. From fry to cruditè with fruit, from pasta to cuttlefish ink to fish balls with pistachios and almonds, from grilled to pasta with clams and crumbled tarallo. The fresh and abundant dishes, with prices in the standard, make fall in love even those who do not prefer fish. The well-known local, thanks to the levels of its cuisine, really does the "miracles" of taste.

Address: Largo Sermoneta, 17
Phone: 081 7690778

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